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ALBERTA'S CRAFT MICRO BREWERY BASED IN CENTREAL ALBERTA' SMALL TOWN OF DIDSBURY BORN & BREWED IN ALTA. | Cowtown Brewing Co is ownership with grassroots in the small ALBERTA town of Didsbury with community support and a strong passion for craft beer. Cowtown Brewing Company is a supplying the need for better beer and quenching the thirst of craft for our Albertans | This is the story of COWTOWN farmer boy who nailed the art of craft beer. It started with a conversation, a keen curiosity, and an idea. It turned into a passion, heartened by the belief that it's never too late to try your hand at something brand new. After all, the haziest adventures lead to the most beautiful things.

The journey to Cowtown Brewing Co. has been full of sleepless nights, countless hours in the brewery, and of course blood, sweat, and tears...literally...but don't worry we kept it out of your beer! With unwavering dedication, and a goal to craft the best beer products and deliver them at reasonable prices for everyone to enjoy, Cowtown Beer came to life. After all who says you can't enjoy quality, craft beer at a fair price